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Enjoy Quality Playtime with Posh Bingo

Enjoy quality playtime with Posh Bingo – starting maybe with the £500 Thursday bliss game at 8pm – lay your hands on the money for just 25p a ticket! Join in with the £50 daily affair (as well) every single night at 7.15pm – win that £50 for just 2p!

Or the £500 sliding game every hour, on the hour, between 7pm and midnight, each day for just 10p – go to the Jazz Café for this excellent promotion! Also play speed bingo for 4 hours every day between 7.30am and 11.30am

Win a share too of the £750 glitzy game, every other Saturday, at 9pm for just 50p! Each ticket in this game will only cost you 50p – and the prizes include both 1tg and 2g awards as well!

Pre-buy games bring great regular opportunities for medium and large wins! Take posh ton for instance – played each Tuesday, at 7.30pm for just 10p a ticket. You can win up to £100 cash for that amount. Jackpot also includes a 1TG prize.

As for Thursday, well this promotion regulars will realise, happens at 8pm and you get to win a share of £500 cash for only 25p. The fh winners score £100 with the remainder of the funds (£400) going to 1tgs.

Dreamer? Well dream of £1M at Posh Bingo. Ever dream of becoming a millionaire – stop dreaming and start believing with this chance to win a million £s each Friday at 10pm. Log onto Posh Bingo for all the relevant details.

Now you may be a long term bingo player, and played some great games at great sites, but very little gets to beat playing Posh Bingo style! You will be passionate about both their 75 and 90 ball bingo rooms – try it out now!

With the bonuses and promotions that Posh Bingo offers, you can be in the running to win some huge prizes, jackpots and more. Don’t travel to play bingo, play at Posh!

Posh Bingo Daily Free Games

Posh Bingo keeps its players flush with cash for playing more of their favourite games with over £350 in bingo funds to be won absolutely free every day.

The two free rooms, Daily Dosh and Freebies, located under the Free tab at it’s bingo lobby can be accessed by all players with free bingo games being played from 8.30am till midnight.

The Daily Dosh Room opens twice daily at 8.30am and at 8.30pm with two £50 jackpots of bingo funds to be won. Players can pick up minimum 1 and up to 6 free cards to play in here.

In the Freebies Room at Posh Bingo there are games playing every few minutes from 10am until midnight with over £250 in bonus funds up for grabs every day.

Players get to collect 6 free cards into each of the free games being played in the Freebies Room at this site and the jackpot size for each game varies from £1 to £3 funds.

The free cash which comes in bonus cash in these games can be used for playing more games at Posh Bingo which give real cash prizes.

There are more ways of earning or winning bonus funds and joy points which pay for even more free games including the Money Bank promotion also rewards players on their weekday gaming as well as in weekend specials.

There’s a share of £50 worth of bonus funds for the top five players with the most games in each week. Also, wagering the most on bingo and instant games combined gives the top ten players of the week bonus funds worth £120 to be shared.

On every weekend the top 5 players getting most wins on the numbers ‘7’ or ‘13’ get to share bonus funds worth £25; with most wins on the ‘clock’ pattern two weekend players also win a share of 20,000jps.

At Posh Bingo players are also rewarded simply for playing their favourite bingo or instant games. The 10% flash cashback pays players up to £200 every week for their gaming from Friday till Thursday, inclusive.

The 10% cashback is calculated on any losses incurred by players from their deposits made during the week and is credited into their bonus funds account to pay for more free or even instant games.

New players signing up to play here with a first deposit of £10 to £100 are greeted with a 200% welcome bonus of £20 to £200. Every reload deposit of £10 to £100 for playing bingo or instants is also rewarded with a 50% match bonus which gives more free games.

With all the major promotions coming up at this bingo site for Christmas players get lots of ways to spend their bonuses to play for free and win big prizes.

The £1k Xmas Wishlist game playing at 9.45pm on every Sunday this December with pre-buy cards costing just 10p each gives players four chances at winning Highstreet vouchers worth £1000.

Posh Bingo gives players a perfect beginning to the New Year with the £2k Guilty Pleasures game which plays on Sunday 1st January at 9.45pm. Playing this 90-ball game with free bingo cards earned by Wednesday 21st December will give three players a share each of £2000 cash.

Posh Bingo gets Festival Fever

Posh Bingo is completely into the festival spirit and they have four weeks of fun promotions for you to look forward to this July. It’s Festival Fever and you want to be infected too!

Win pots of cash, bingo funds and a variety of prizes in the Posh Bingo Festival Fever promotion that celebrates everything from Glastonbury to Bestival. If music is your food, feast away with Posh Bingo!

For four weeks Posh Bingo has a whole lot of special bingo games and promotions packed with prizes. There are goodies to be won playing the Instant Games too. Just join in the action every week and win heaps of stuff.

It’s Posh Tunes from 4th to 10th July. Bingo on the brolly or the letter B pattern. Top scorers will win £20 in bingo funds each. Hit the most bingos on the disco-man pattern and bag iTunes vouchers worth £30. Play the Love Lines Instant Game and if you have wagered the most in this week you get £30 in real cash.

In the second week, from 11th to 17th July it’s The Isle of Posh festival. Win a Fuji digital camera this week if you bingo the most on the digital camera pattern.

There are two prizes of £15 bingo funds each for the two players who score the most bingos on the candlestick pattern and on the Letter C pattern. For Instant Games fans there is a chance to win 30 quid in real cash. Just wager the most on the Lost Island Instant Game to win.

The Secret Posh Party takes off on 18th July and continues to rock till the 24th of the month. This week Posh Bingo has a pair of Hunter wellies up for grabs and the player who bags the maximum number of bingos on the wellie pattern will win.

Bingo the most on the Boogie Night pattern or on the Letter B pattern to win £15 bingo funds each. Play the Secret Garden Instant Game and if you bet the most on this game in the week you will win £30 in cash.

Wind up the month with The Posh Gathering from 25th till 31st July with another bagful of goodies waiting to be won. Win £40 Asos vouchers if you can bingo the most on the Diamond pattern.

Scoop £15 bingo funds if you can hit the most bingos on the music note pattern or on the letter M pattern. There’s a £30 cash prize for the player who wagers the most on the Savanna Sunset Instant Game too.

Festival Fever is raging all through July at Posh Bingo. Play bingo and the Instant Games every week and scoop your share of the loot all through the month. Funded members are only eligible to play.

You could have a fantastic time all through July playing the Festival Fever games at Posh Bingo. After all which other festival has so many prizes on offer?

Posh Bingo Double up Jackpots

Happy Half Term players, win extra cash, extra prizes and extra points up to this Sunday, 27 February at Posh Bingo.

Enjoy that £2.5k Spa Experience too along the way, as well as, possibly ‘Collaring the Money Cashback’ and maybe emptying that ‘Money Bank’ and enjoying heaps of ‘Daily Penny Bingo’ and Free Bingo too on Posh Bingo!

“Happy Half-Term” – hope you’ve been enjoying this promo after all it ends this coming Sunday, so don’t delay! Win extra JPs, CASH and other prizes. This one is just ‘too-cool-for-school’! Just look at some of the particular promotion treats;

“Posh Ton & Then Some” – up to this Sunday, 27 February, Posh Bingo are “doubling” the daily jackpot on each ‘Posh Ton’ game! Which simply means that instead of £100 you’ll be winning £200! And you can do so EVERY DAY too! Also, instead of 1TG winners sharing just £10 they’ll be sharing £20 Every Day as well!

then there’s:

“Top of the Class” – in this part of the promo, the player to bingo the most on ANY pattern and the player to wager the most on ANY instant game up until this Sunday, will each win a great £50 each in Cash!

how about:

“Half Term Happy Hours’ though – you’ll be enjoying Double chat points in ALL hosted chat rooms – BEWARE this part ends today though – so watch out to enjoy the last of this between Noon and 1pm and again from 4pm to 5pm!

There’s two other great parts to the great Posh Bingo “Happy Half-Term” promotion; (i) Old Skool Chat Games and (ii) Va Va Voom – Kids say the funniest things!

Be part of the fun and Good Luck players!

It’s Happy Half Term at Posh Bingo

Half Term is upon you and the kids are home for a week! As much as you love your little darlings it can get pretty tiring keeping up with them all day. Chill out through the Half Term holidays with the too cool for school promos at Posh Bingo which are guaranteed to make this holiday a Happy Half Term for you.

As usual the Posh Bingo team has put together an amazing time table of Instant Games and bingo games with tons of wonderful prizes, heaps of Joy Points and plenty of cash waiting to be won.

Have a Happy Half Term from 21st to 27th February playing these special games for extra special prizes. The Posh Ton daily £100 jackpot has been doubled through the Half Term holiday. Win £200 every day and 1tg winners get a share of £20 of bingo booty instead of the regular £10. Get double jackpots on all seven days of this promotion.

Bingo the most on any pattern through this week or wager the most on any Instant Game and you will be at the Top of the Class. These two top players will each win £50 in cash for a day out at a UK attraction of your choice. The zoo, the museum, the park, an amusement park, the beach – the choice is yours! Treat the children to an outdoor day of unadulterated fun.

There are Half Term Happy Hours to enjoy from Monday to Friday between 1 and 2pm and from 4 till 5pm daily. Play the chat games and win double chat points in any hosted chat room at Posh Bingo.

Catch up with Leanne in the Cocktail Club at 2.30pm on all these days and answer the questions in her Old School Kids TV and Cartoon Trivia Quiz. Leanne is giving away 25,000 Joy Points every day so don’t miss out.

Enjoy the capers and shenanigans of the hilarious Brockman family of the Outnumbered Series 1 to 3 and the Xmas Special on DVD. Win the DVD set and a DVD player too in the Va Va Voom weekend promotion.

Posh Bingo believes in pampering you completely and so, to make sure you can enjoy these hysterically funny DVDs they are giving away two DVD players too! Notch up the most bingos on the House pattern playing between Thursday 24th and Sunday 27th February or wager the most on the Noughts & Crosses Instant Game to win a DVD box set and a DVD player.

Posh Bingo have the perfect formula for a Happy Half Term. Play chat games, bingo and the Instant Games too and win the best prizes ever. Fund your account just once to qualify to play these too cool for school promotions. Posh Bingo has bingo games of every shape and size. Ply free bingo, penny bingo, team bingo and even speed bingo here. The choice of Instant Games is fit for a king! Join Posh Bingo and have yourself a Happy Half Term too.