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Its Time for the Bingo Street Party

Its true – rain, hail or shine – there’s always a party you can attend at Bingo Street – and you don’t have to dress up either! Loads of bingo games to choose from too. And it doesn’t matter whether you are either a modernist or a traditionalist!

90 ball bingo or progressive jackpots (such as Bingo Street’s open house) or 75 ball games – there is always a game to suit you.

But – if you need to take a stroll away from bingo for a while, there is a great alternative with their instant win games (plenty of winning action with these)!

Swedish Bingo – also know as 5 line bingo is a fast paced game. Cover those lines either horizontally or diagonally – it doesn’t matter which! You can win with their 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines.

Play too a combination of 5 line bingo and other games – in other words mix and match at Bingo Street! Don’t be fooled though this game, which actually looks like an ordinary 75 ball game is actually a 90 ball game – note the middle square is not free!

Both 75 and 90 ball progressive jackpots are available for play too (respectively referred to as the street party and open house). With the first one cover your pattern in 22 calls or less and with the second cover your full card in 37 calls or less to win!

Then there is the 5 line progressive jackpot – referred to as the 5 line lolly! This can be won in the fruity fives room (located under the bingo hall tab) daily but you do need to bingo in 51 calls or less to score!

Every day, every week and every month of the year, there are pre-buy guaranteed bingo jackpot games available for your participation. The main beauty of these games naturally, is that you can grab your cares well in advance (ie when its most convenient for you).

What it says is what you win too. If you score with the £50 deal of the day game for instance – that’s the amount you win – ie £50!

Enjoy Some Free Bingo at Bingo Street

1st Deposit scores an amazing 350% Bonus at Bingo Street – Or More! Enjoy FREE Bingo EVERY Single Day of the Week in two separate rooms – VISIT Freesy Street and Free 4 ALL and WIN yourself some cash and/or Bingo Money.

Want to know what is the best promotion for you – well at Bingo Street its so very easy to see ALL that’s going on at the site. Simply click on the ‘Promotions’ tab and you will see a large volume of promotions and offers waiting there for you to sample.

Included for instance:

  • £1 Mum’s Day
  • £300 Toss-Up Tourney
  • Bingo Street Love Month
  • The 350% Bonus and Shake the Signpost (lots of fun as well as benefits)
  • Superbingomarket
  • The great Bingo Hall
  • Penny Stretcher
  • Road to Riches
  • Cash Cottage Sliding Jackpot
  • Trollied £25
  • Buddy Bingo


  • NEW: Side Bets
  • Loyalty & Bonuses
  • Instant Win Games

“Penny Stretcher” – for example play Free and Cheap 75 and 90 Ball Bingo (1p to 4p) games daily under the Penny Stretcher tab. After all don’t most people enjoy a bargain? Bingo Street always wants to please so they make it possible for you to hop into the Penny Stretcher and play either for FREE or very CHEAPLY indeed!

The ‘Free 4 All!’ room is open to ALL players – funded or not – and every single day too from 8am right up to 10pm! While ‘Freesy Street is open to Funded Players only!’ – play in this room from 6pm until midnight daily. These games are 90 Ball games.

Make sure too that you check out ‘The Local’! It operates Daily (for a whole 15 Hours) from 10am right through until 1am! Card prices are a low low 1p to 4p. The jackpots you can win are varied too. 90 Ball Bingo games are played.

Play FREE Bingo at Bingo Street now!

Be sure and try out Bingo Street’s “Superbingomarket” where you can play for just 5p and win yourself £50, £500 and £3,000 jackpots. PLUS you can win yourself a £100 High Street Voucher every Thursday of the year.

But back to that excellent 350% Bonus and your ability to ‘Shake the Signpost’. You’re new to Bingo Street? Well you will be saying hello to a 350% Welcome Bonus and getting up to £5 Free when you make your first deposit.

Your move to Bingo Street is even easier of course with the big plus of a Guaranteed 350% Welcome Bonus and the ‘Shake the Signpost’ game. Log onto Bingo Street now and find out about this offer and the many more generous ones!

Sing Auld Lang Syne with Bingo Street

Bingo Street will be giving three players a great beginning for the New Year with a share of £3000 cracking cash coming up at 9.30pm on Sunday 1st January.

Apart from the sparkling New Year’s Day £3k bingo jackpot to be won on the very first day of 2012 players get four hours of chat party fun while singing Auld Lang Syne at this bingo site.

The 90 ball New Year’s Day £3k game at Bingo Steet can be played with up to 48 pre-buy cards which cost merely 10p each and give the winners £500 on 1 line, £1000 on 2 lines and a Full House prize of £1500.

The winners in this bingo game will get to beat the post-Christmas blues in the best possible manner with the cash prizes coming useful for scooping incredible bargains in the January sales, in paying off bills or even paying for a holiday.

A white Christmas might look like a fairytale come true but the icy cold and gloomy January weather will bring forth dreams of a winter getaway in a sunny spot in Europe or anywhere else.

A big win at Bingo Street on the first day of the New Year can make this sunny holiday a reality for the three lucky players who will find their accounts flush with the winnings immediately after the game finishes.

While the New Year’s Day £3k jackpot can be won on pre-buy cards at Bingo Street even as players enjoy their evening’s festivities, the bingo site will be throwing a huge party on Saturday 31st December in all the hosted chat rooms to welcome 2012.

The Nutty Neighbour’s NYE party in the Cheap as Chips Room gives chat games, quizzes and more from 8pm till midnight.

Apart from cash, chat points and double joy points there’s a box of delectable chocolates from Hotel Chocolat to two online bingo players winning most games on the ‘Chocolate Box’ pattern.

Bingo Street Buddies

Buddy bingo is the name of the monthly team event at Bingo Street, where not only could you win loads of points which can be converted into account funds from simply playing at their site, but you could also make some new buddies along the way as well, because you are bingoing as part of a team.

The good thing about the buddy games on Bingo Street is that they randomly place you into a team, so there are lots of opportunities to meet new friends and there is nothing like working as part of a team to make that happen.

The bingo buddy period will last for two weeks each time and the top ten teams who accumulate the most points throughout this time will win a share of the 155,000 jps prize. All team members are changed around for the next buddy event, so you will not be with the same team of players more than once.

1,000 points is worth £1 in bingo playing funds for you, which means clocking up those points can come in very handy indeed. If you are a regular player at Bingo Street you really have got nothing to lose from joining their bingo buddies, but loads of points to possibly gain. Entry is free!

Bingo Street were the latest site launched by the joy of bingo group and they certainly come from good bingo stock with sister sites such as the one and only Wink Bingo, Posh, Red Bus and Tasty. All great sites in their own rights, and ones that also run linked promos to bring you even better prizes to play for.

Take their annual £1000,000 worth of guaranteed jackpot games, or the million points a month offer the joy of bingo have just come out will – they are both outstanding offers and link all five of these sites together.

If you have not yet tried out Bingo Street for yourself, here is some useful info about their welcome deals. To start with they will award you with a 250% bonus on your first deposit, plus you can get up to another £5 free. Plus they go on to hand out a 50% bonus on all subsequent deposits made, which does give you quite a bit of play for your pennies. Tip – Look out for special deposit bonus codes!

Noel Game on Bingo Street

It is without at doubt you are going to be inundated with Christmas themed promos from online bingo sites on the net over the next few weeks – which you will either love or hate.

Although we do think that the majority of you are going to really enjoy what they have planned this festive season, especially at joy of bingo run sites like Bingo Street as they have got some smashing offers taking place.

First up is the £1k noel game at Bingo Street. This one will be coming out to play on Christmas Day an you have the option of logging onto their site now to purchase your cards for it at a cost of 40p each or trying to win some free cards by clocking up points.

We would say the (point option) looks a lot more enticing at this point and it should be good if you are a regular player with them. Check out just how you can collect these all important points – 500 points equals 1 noel game ticket for you.

Each time you have a win on the golden ticket pattern you will collect – 500 points instantly
Every win on the Christmas tree or Christmas candy patterns collects you – 25 points
Each win on the number 25 gives you – 25 points (applies to both 75 ball and 90 ball)
Every 50p accumulative wager on any bingo games collects you – 125 points
Each time you deposit and wager £5 at Bingo Street you will get another – 25 points
If you wager £5 on any of their instant games you will collect – 1 point
And if you would like to collect another (250 points instantly) – Simply head to the Bingo Street facebook fan page and post a comment here, telling them what your perfect Christmas day would entail.

Now wouldn’t that be a lovely present to win a £1,000 jackpot on Christmas day? And you could win it effectively for free as well if you have got free point gaining tickets playing in this game.