How to Play Bingo Online

When bingo was first introduced to the UK in the 1960’s, and the bingo business boomed, in fact the 1970’ and 80’s were referred to as the “Golden Years of Bingo”, no one ever dreamed that there would be another bingo boom in the 21st Century. But there is, online bingo has gone “off the wall” it has become so popular and everyone wants to know how to play online bingo.

Many instances have been cited for the increase in popularity of online bingo, some of them being the smoking ban in UK land based bingo clubs, excessive taxation by the government of bingo clubs, with the double VAT system and some say that it is quite simply because technology has advanced to such an extent that people are happy to sit comfortably at home and play bingo from their armchair. I think that regardless of how the trends have been analysed, the boom for online bingo is a bit like the chicken and the egg scenario, where you don’t quite know which came first or why!

How to Play Online Bingo

So, how to play online bingo? Well it is really simple, you can Google “online bingo” or “how to play online bingo” and bobs your uncle you will be faced with a plethora of bingo sites offering to teach you how to play bingo online. Or better yet read our Online Bingo review section and see what online bingo sites we recommend.

All of the sites have basic requirements in order to allow you to play, this usually includes a simple registration process, after which you may on some sites have the opportunity to play free bingo games. Other sites also offer a signup bonus that allows you to play online bingo without first having to deposit money and yet others will match whatever you pay in for your first deposit. All of the sites offer you some benefit for your membership, so learning how to play bingo online, does tend to make you feel a little like a kid in a candy shop, you don’t quite know which one you want to choose, because they all look so good!

However once you have made your choice, you follow the first two steps and then you are ready to play, this is an almost immediate process, there are no huge appraisal systems in place to see if you are a suitable candidate to learn how to play online bingo. You just use your credit or debit card in a secure transaction and there you have it you are now a member of the online bingo playing community. Have fun!