Jackpotjoy’s Bingo 90 Games: A Great Place for Online Bingo Newbies to Get Started

Whether you’re new to the game of bingo entirely, or a dab hand at the traditional bingo hall, trying out bingo online for the first time can be a little daunting, as it’s often hard to know where to start. There are so many sites and games out there, a beginner might find it difficult to know which games are the most fun, the most rewarding, and more importantly, which sites can be trusted.

In my experience, you can’t go wrong with the larger, more-established, and more highly-publicised sites. Trusted bingo sites like Jackpotjoy have done so much to make the game safer and more accessible to new players, as well as offering a huge range of games that’s constantly being updated, so that the game you love always stays challenging and fun.

Of all the Jackpotjoy bingo games on offer, the most straightforward, and the most familiar to those who have played in bricks and mortar bingo halls before, are their bingo 90 games. Just as the traditional game features 90 balls, so does this online variant. You’ll also recognise the card layout, with a grid of 90 numbers to mark off, and essentially the game operates in just then same way.

The major advantages of playing the game online at Jackpotjoy, however, are the handy software features that enable you to play more comfortably and have more fun. Auto daub, for example, means that if any of your numbers come up, they’re automatically daubed off your card for you. This means you’re free to go fix yourself a snack, and relax knowing that you’ll never miss any of your winning numbers – the same can’t be said of the local bingo hall!

Even if you do switch to manual, the site’s software saves your tickets, so if you miss a number, or have to leave the room for some reason, you’ll still be awarded any prize that you win.

Something that puts traditional bingo players off the online variant is the perceived lack of camaraderie and social contact that you find at the local bingo hall. However, Jackpotjoy have thought of this too, and that’s why all of their bingo 90 games feature an online chat window. This is so easy to use, allowing you to type messages to fellow players as you play, as well as between games.

If you think you’d like to get started online and give bingo 90 a whirl, you’ll find the whole process so simple. All you need to do is head over to the Jackpotjoy site and register for an online account, which takes only a matter of minutes. Make your first deposit of £10, and you’ll automatically receive £35 to play with, then just click on the bingo 90 games lobby to see the latest game selections and the size of jackpots on offer. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself as a newbie using the chat feature either – the online community at the site are incredibly welcoming to new players, and you’ll soon be making friends!