Harrys Bingo are Rocking

Things are really ROCKING at Harrys Bingo currently, well they have their “Nostalgia for the 70’s”, “Rocking Bonuses”, “Groovy £2,000 Tournament”, as well as, the “Psychedelic Flash Back” and that great promo, the “FREE FREE FREE Ride for All”.

And these are just a few of the really rocking games, offers, events, promos and prizes at one of just about any player’s favourite sites – Harrys Bingo!

We really should start with the really “Rocking Bonuses” because players will get so very much from these – many £’s worth of value! Its simply a matter of making a deposit and you’ll really rock to the tunes of the 70’s £ wise!

Rock & Roll Deposit    £10 to £19    125% Flat Bonus
The WHO Deposit    £20 to £29    225% Flat Bonus
The KINKS Deposit    £30 to £49    275% Flat Bonus
The ROLLING STONES Deposit    £50 to £99    300% Flat Bonus + 20% Cash
The BEATLES Deposit    £100+    325% Flat Bonus + 30% Cash

Thinking about “Nostalgia for the 70’s” this great promo is about heaps of BBs up for Grabs – 600 of them, up for grabs, with the games twice per hour at random and EVERY single day too! That’s right players the special ‘Peace’ and ‘Love’ patterns are played in the 75 Bingo Hall every day – well 2 times per hour as a matter of fact right up until the 31 July too!

And all you need to do to win remember is to bingo on those great patterns “Peace” and “Love” can you think of anything more 70’s than that! You earn promotion points each time you do too players

1st Prize – 150BBs
2nd Prize – 100BBs
3rd Prize – 75BBs
4th Prize – 50BBs
5th Prize – 25BBs
6th to 15th Prizes – 20BBs

Well how about “FREE FREE FREE Ride for All” what is that promotion all about? Simply enough, it means that players will get to enjoy One (1) Free Game every single hour, every single day during July – right up until the 31 July!

Where? The great 80 Ball Bingo Hall at Harrys Bingo that’s where!

Now what else makes you think of the 70’s or even the 60’s? Anything ‘Psychedelic’ of course! So how about a “Psychedelic Flash Back” experience then? Harrys Bingo are treating players to their version of a real Psychedelic Flash Back with their special scheduled promotions, EVERY HOUR, of EVERY DAY of July.

In Harrys 90 Bingo Hall – every day remember, you can enjoy a variety of great games, there’s;

BOGOF – 2am to 7am
Doubles Up – 8am to 11am
Fixed Pots – £50 to £75    12 noon to 4pm
Jumping Pots – 5pm to 8pm
BIG POT Games – 9pm to 11am
500 Coverall – 12 Midnight to 1am