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Its Time for the Bingo Street Party

Its true – rain, hail or shine – there’s always a party you can attend at Bingo Street – and you don’t have to dress up either! Loads of bingo games to choose from too. And it doesn’t matter whether you are either a modernist or a traditionalist!

90 ball bingo or progressive jackpots (such as Bingo Street’s open house) or 75 ball games – there is always a game to suit you.

But – if you need to take a stroll away from bingo for a while, there is a great alternative with their instant win games (plenty of winning action with these)!

Swedish Bingo – also know as 5 line bingo is a fast paced game. Cover those lines either horizontally or diagonally – it doesn’t matter which! You can win with their 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines.

Play too a combination of 5 line bingo and other games – in other words mix and match at Bingo Street! Don’t be fooled though this game, which actually looks like an ordinary 75 ball game is actually a 90 ball game – note the middle square is not free!

Both 75 and 90 ball progressive jackpots are available for play too (respectively referred to as the street party and open house). With the first one cover your pattern in 22 calls or less and with the second cover your full card in 37 calls or less to win!

Then there is the 5 line progressive jackpot – referred to as the 5 line lolly! This can be won in the fruity fives room (located under the bingo hall tab) daily but you do need to bingo in 51 calls or less to score!

Every day, every week and every month of the year, there are pre-buy guaranteed bingo jackpot games available for your participation. The main beauty of these games naturally, is that you can grab your cares well in advance (ie when its most convenient for you).

What it says is what you win too. If you score with the £50 deal of the day game for instance – that’s the amount you win – ie £50!

Enjoy Quality Playtime with Posh Bingo

Enjoy quality playtime with Posh Bingo – starting maybe with the £500 Thursday bliss game at 8pm – lay your hands on the money for just 25p a ticket! Join in with the £50 daily affair (as well) every single night at 7.15pm – win that £50 for just 2p!

Or the £500 sliding game every hour, on the hour, between 7pm and midnight, each day for just 10p – go to the Jazz Café for this excellent promotion! Also play speed bingo for 4 hours every day between 7.30am and 11.30am

Win a share too of the £750 glitzy game, every other Saturday, at 9pm for just 50p! Each ticket in this game will only cost you 50p – and the prizes include both 1tg and 2g awards as well!

Pre-buy games bring great regular opportunities for medium and large wins! Take posh ton for instance – played each Tuesday, at 7.30pm for just 10p a ticket. You can win up to £100 cash for that amount. Jackpot also includes a 1TG prize.

As for Thursday, well this promotion regulars will realise, happens at 8pm and you get to win a share of £500 cash for only 25p. The fh winners score £100 with the remainder of the funds (£400) going to 1tgs.

Dreamer? Well dream of £1M at Posh Bingo. Ever dream of becoming a millionaire – stop dreaming and start believing with this chance to win a million £s each Friday at 10pm. Log onto Posh Bingo for all the relevant details.

Now you may be a long term bingo player, and played some great games at great sites, but very little gets to beat playing Posh Bingo style! You will be passionate about both their 75 and 90 ball bingo rooms – try it out now!

With the bonuses and promotions that Posh Bingo offers, you can be in the running to win some huge prizes, jackpots and more. Don’t travel to play bingo, play at Posh!

Oooh Cheeky Boom Boom Bingo

Big freebie, free range and forever free – just 3 of the great free bingo games waiting for you to play at Cheeky Bingo. Part of the oooh cheeky boom boom! Play the big freebie for free – win £50! Play the free range games for free and win £25!

Better still – log onto Cheeky Bingo and check out the cheekies – ie the cheeky winners! Lots win in the middle hundreds of £s while others win in the high hundreds of £s and over – ie in the thousands of £s!

You can choose from chat games, 75/90 ball bingo games, pre-buy games, progressive jackpots, slots and casino games and also better bingo!

Wondering what’s rolling promotion wise? Well log onto Cheeky Bingo quickly and check out the possibilities under that tab. Choose between:

  • Welcome offers
  • Cheeky diary
  • Slots & casino
  • Loyalty program
  • Weekly specials
  • Refer a friend
  • Cheeky points
  • Deposit points

Simply click on the diary icon to get a good idea of what’s happening, which day and what time. Take that cheeky peak – see what special bonus days are on the go and see the reminder about regular events – amongst other things!

Then click on the particular day you are curious about – or click on every single day of the week to see what suits you best!

Monday’s you will see 1TG and 2TG games playing in the chubby cheeks room as well as ball breakers. Tuesdays sees high five games, that bingo game with a 5 tastic twist and that ever popular cocktail hour (or should we say hours as it goes for 3 hours) between 8pm and 11pm. Bingo on the drink patterns to win!

There are pointers and reminder about other events, such as Friday frenzy, jackpot pyramid, party night and the £100s club too.

The Cheeky Bingo weekly specials program is always excellent value for you too. Ranging from cheeky chest, to guaranteed jackpots, to Cheeky’s prize pick – to the dip, cash crazy, the jackpot pyramid and the party night.

The Harrys Bingo Wheel of Luck

Wheel of luck deposit special (win up to £1,000 per spin), deposit – get points and spin, musical slots tourney (£9,000 up for grabs), then there is the great twisters bingo tourney (where there’s 2,000 bbs up for grabs.

A literal collection of bingo jackpots currently running at Harrys Bingo – 75 ball sweet chilli at £750, 90 ball dosh lounge – again at £750, 90 linked room bingo at £6,500 and green mango game again at £750! Many more games as well of course.

Don’t bypass the great variety of slots when inclined to take a bingo break. Including lucky devil at over £20,000, vegas nights free spins over £1,000, top speed at over £5,000, caribbean nights over £10,000, or coffee house at around £2,000. As well the fish toon slot will give you over £5,000 and the king of slots around £13,000 with treasures of Egypt at around £20,000 also!

To start with do claim that free sign up offer of £15. then be sure to take proper advantage of that 200% life time bonus as well as that reload bonus of up to 400% or £150 cash reload.

Piles of bonus bucks, or bbs (as they are generally called) as well!

The musical slots tourney were there is £9,000 up for grabs is one to take a serious look at too. Check it out at Harrys Bingo.

Twisters bingo tourney returns 2,000 bbs – find out how to score those bingo points.

The wheel of luck deposit specials at Harrys will really get you spinning big time with everything from 200% bonuses right up to 400% bonuses (alternatively 25% to 125% cash bonuses).

In addition to the great slots pjps, you are also treated to some excellent bingo pjps keep in mind – amounts range from £750 right up to £6,500!

Those old favourites, at Harrys Bingo, are also well worth still patronising – from the happy hour special to the chat game special. Check both these out.

Mecca Bingo Themed Games

Always told when the best Bingo Games are Staring Soon at Mecca Bingo – as soon as you log on, you can see it on the first page! All 75 Ball, 90 Ball games – right across all rooms (Jump & Jive, Lucky 7, Deal or No Deal Bingo, Dancing Queen, Britain’s Got Talent etc ) are listed and detailed!

Keep in mind that X Factor Bingo is totally exclusive to Mecca Bingo.

The best, latest and most unique of promotions – 1,000’s of prizes to be won including 5 Minis.

And the great Gold Mine Escalator Jackpot – began operating on the 9 May. The ball count is increased until the big prize is gone! Log onto Mecca Bingo, pop along to the Gold Rush Room and participate in the Escalator Jackpot!

Note that the Gold Mine Escalator is a community jackpot so, once the game is won, half of the prize money goes to the winner while the other half is split between everyone who bought a ticket.

Log onto Mecca Bingo for the full details.

Fantastic Fridays – another one on the 25 May. More chances to win a Mini, £10,000 in Superbooks jackpots, free cashline games (all day too) and free bingo games with a whopping £1,000 up for grabs.

Its well worth noting that throughout all of May the Newbie Room is continuing to allow new players to join in and learn all about playing bingo at Mecca Bingo! You can play in their for 5 days once you join, commencing from the Monday after you join. And all games during those 5 days are free! Log on to grab the finer details.

Its pleasing to note also that only the most experienced and friendly CMs are on hand in that room during those days – that way you’re sure to have any, and all, of your questions answered straight away.

Play Britain’s Got Talent – if you’re a fan then you can really look no further. Play this exclusive Mecca Bingo game (as well as maybe the Britain’s Got Talent Superstar slot). You can win up to 6 cash prizes.

There’s more though to discover about and win with Britain’s Got Talent at Mecca Bingo – log on to find out what!