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Jackpotjoy’s Bingo 90 Games: A Great Place for Online Bingo Newbies to Get Started

Whether you’re new to the game of bingo entirely, or a dab hand at the traditional bingo hall, trying out bingo online for the first time can be a little daunting, as it’s often hard to know where to start. There are so many sites and games out there, a beginner might find it difficult to know which games are the most fun, the most rewarding, and more importantly, which sites can be trusted.

In my experience, you can’t go wrong with the larger, more-established, and more highly-publicised sites. Trusted bingo sites like Jackpotjoy have done so much to make the game safer and more accessible to new players, as well as offering a huge range of games that’s constantly being updated, so that the game you love always stays challenging and fun.

Of all the Jackpotjoy bingo games on offer, the most straightforward, and the most familiar to those who have played in bricks and mortar bingo halls before, are their bingo 90 games. Just as the traditional game features 90 balls, so does this online variant. You’ll also recognise the card layout, with a grid of 90 numbers to mark off, and essentially the game operates in just then same way.

The major advantages of playing the game online at Jackpotjoy, however, are the handy software features that enable you to play more comfortably and have more fun. Auto daub, for example, means that if any of your numbers come up, they’re automatically daubed off your card for you. This means you’re free to go fix yourself a snack, and relax knowing that you’ll never miss any of your winning numbers – the same can’t be said of the local bingo hall!

Even if you do switch to manual, the site’s software saves your tickets, so if you miss a number, or have to leave the room for some reason, you’ll still be awarded any prize that you win.

Something that puts traditional bingo players off the online variant is the perceived lack of camaraderie and social contact that you find at the local bingo hall. However, Jackpotjoy have thought of this too, and that’s why all of their bingo 90 games feature an online chat window. This is so easy to use, allowing you to type messages to fellow players as you play, as well as between games.

If you think you’d like to get started online and give bingo 90 a whirl, you’ll find the whole process so simple. All you need to do is head over to the Jackpotjoy site and register for an online account, which takes only a matter of minutes. Make your first deposit of £10, and you’ll automatically receive £35 to play with, then just click on the bingo 90 games lobby to see the latest game selections and the size of jackpots on offer. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself as a newbie using the chat feature either – the online community at the site are incredibly welcoming to new players, and you’ll soon be making friends!

The Mecca 5 Days of Free Bingo

5 days of free bingo! Get that free 5 days starting from the Monday after you join and play for £25 jackpots while you learn – all for free!

But why play at Mecca in the first place? Well, to begin with they have a great quantity of both diverse and exclusive bingo games! Some of the games you probably know and love – well a lot of them anyway!

Also some excellent fun bingo chat rooms – importantly Mecca has heaps of winners each week – over 12,000 of them as a matter of fact!

The bingo rooms are varied and numerous. Play in the key to the door room, the lucky numbers room, the Britain’s got talent room, the two little ducks room or dancing queen or one of the many others. Ticket prices from as low as 2p.

You’ve not long missed one of the great Mecca Bingo promotional jackpot opportunities – the Euro 2012 jackpot and also another one just finishing, the share the wealth and win. But there is so much more to keep playing at this site for.

Have you tried the Britain’s got talent bingo game yet? Yes, one of your favourite shows now exists also as a bingo game but only at Mecca Bingo.

Log on to try it out for size but we can tell you that you have a chance to win up to 6 cash prizes.

You choose your 3 lucky numbers in each game, and if any of them at all appear in the 1 line, 2 line or FH prizes, you will win an extra £1, £15 or even an extra £250! Try out too the Britain’s got talent superstar slot as well – it’s a great 20 line slot machine.

Enjoying the 90 days of summer yet? If you aren’t tune into them at Mecca Bingo. Lots of special summer prizes coming up during this period (started in June but continuing on in July & August). Some great games and even better prizes to help celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, the London 2012 Olympics and Euro 2012.

Keep that £8,000 worth of daily (bingo linx) bingo jackpots as well. Also the fab bogof 75 ball treat has been extended – so log onto Mecca Bingo today and tomorrow!

Big Brother Bingo Free and Penny Games

A great place to be, particularly if you’re a new or newish player, at Big Brother Bingo is the lounge. Fab for both free and penny bingo games – you get to chat and make friends with your fellow housemates too! No better place to start.

Daily guaranteed jackpots in the store room. Start playing at just 1p – win restaurant vouchers, guaranteed jackpots (of course) and more – each day of the week – every week of the year!

A unique prize at the Big Brother Bingo site is the Celebrity Big Brother Props! This is one for those wanting to win props from inside the actual CBB house – items touched by actual celebrity hands – fun games – with a whole host of goodies up for grabs is part of this promotion’s package.

Log onto Big Brother Bingo now and check out what you could win this week.

In addition to the £30 bonus plus an additional £20 at BB, you could score with other amazing promotions, such as the £10,000 summer pot (for free too), vip eviction tickets (plus £200 cash), the free £2K breakaway game (win yourself that amazing £2,000 for nothings) or even that million a month!

Back to the store room at BB – you can play here from only 1p a ticket and grab yourself some excellent vouchers as well as a heap of guaranteed cash jackpots. Play in the lounge too, either free or penny games, so you don’t need a lot of money to participate.

Or maybe you’re more of an outside person – pop along to the garden room at Big Brother Bingo then. This is where you enjoy 5 line, 75 ball and 90 ball games, with cards starting as low as just 5p! Plus play that sliding jackpot every Tuesday to win up to £500!

Possibly complete the weekly task as well where you can win treats each week or dabble in the £25 daily highlight or even have fun with the new side bets feature at Big Brother, where you win lots of extra £s!

888 Casino was voted the Best Online Casino of the Year 2012

Cant say it too many times – 888 Casino was voted the Best Online Casino of the Year 2012, by Totally Gaming Awards!

You will want to note that they boast a Welcome Package of up to £1,400 – as well as jackpots totalling nearly £4M!

888 Casino boasts winners from all around the world – Britain, Canada, Germany, Italy, the Emirates and so on. Some recent big winners include amounts of £14,000, £15,500, £39,000, £68,000, £17,000 and more!

With the Live Casino you get real dealers, real action and real wins. Its by far the closest you can ever get to playing in a real casino – when you’re actually at your own computer at home or in your office!

With Roulette you get to enjoy a range of realistic and rich experiences through a game that is a true classic!

As for Promotions at 888 Casino there are some hot ones, including the live dealer, live raffles and fantastic prize side of events, Xtra Time, Sunday a Casino Funday, great Refer Your Friends offers to start you ff.

Speaking of Live Dealers, Live Raffles and those fantastic prizes. 888 Casino is holding 4 Live Raffles during November, where 3 lucky winners in each draw gets to win some fantastic prizes including such items as an Apple iPhone 5, A Lionel Messi signed Barcelona football shirt, a £500/£500/£500 bonus and other such items.

Best of all, you can actually watch each draw live each Monday evening (at 6pm) on the 888xtra table in the Live Casino.

Blackjack – you can bank bonuses of up to £750/£750/£750 available every single day on the popular higher limits table – ie 888xtra!

Every day from 1pm to 1am. But how? Well during these hours, there is 12 mixed bonus cards, added t the 888xtra table decks, up to a total of £750/£750/£750. For the details log onto 888 Casino.

This promo comes with real action and those real dealers. Live Casino Blackjack is the best blackjack of all at 888 Casino.

Bingo and Slots at the Bingo Cafe

There is always that £20 free, for you to play either bingo or slots, at Bingo Café. You don’t need to qualify either! That means that you don’t need to have made a deposit to receive this particular gift.

What’s on at the site? Well, log onto Bingo Café, click on the ‘what’s on’ tab in the top bar, and you will soon know. Under that tab are the bonus offers, the bingo schedule, free bingo games, mega bingo, tourneys and comps as well as the info you will need to take advantage of the refer a friend offer.

Sa, you want to know exactly the day and timing of particular styles of game or you simply don’t really know what you wish to play! Well, simply click on the bingo schedule, under the what’s on tab. It is there you will find, fully listed and detailed, a full schedule (for each and every day of the week) of games for all rooms operating on the Bingo Café site!

An example would be, if it’s a Tuesday, and you aren’t sure what you want to play or do want to play a particular game (eg Hourly Specials) and want to know if there is one running at the time. Well you’ll very quickly be informed that between noon and 1pm, again at 1pm and 2pm, 2pm to 3pm (and so on) that you can play both hourly specials and pattern specials!

You’re mainly a weekend only player – then simply click on the Saturday or Sunday tab. You’ll discover that in addition to an extensive supply of both hourly specials and pattern specials, that there are great weekend chat party bonus games at various times as well.

Healthy servings of free bingo as well are there for you to enjoy at the Café!

Not to forget that wealth of MegaBingo Marathon games either – and these are available every single day! You are looking at a £500 minimum prize – sometimes £1,000!