Bingo and Slots at the Bingo Cafe

There is always that £20 free, for you to play either bingo or slots, at Bingo Café. You don’t need to qualify either! That means that you don’t need to have made a deposit to receive this particular gift.

What’s on at the site? Well, log onto Bingo Café, click on the ‘what’s on’ tab in the top bar, and you will soon know. Under that tab are the bonus offers, the bingo schedule, free bingo games, mega bingo, tourneys and comps as well as the info you will need to take advantage of the refer a friend offer.

Sa, you want to know exactly the day and timing of particular styles of game or you simply don’t really know what you wish to play! Well, simply click on the bingo schedule, under the what’s on tab. It is there you will find, fully listed and detailed, a full schedule (for each and every day of the week) of games for all rooms operating on the Bingo Café site!

An example would be, if it’s a Tuesday, and you aren’t sure what you want to play or do want to play a particular game (eg Hourly Specials) and want to know if there is one running at the time. Well you’ll very quickly be informed that between noon and 1pm, again at 1pm and 2pm, 2pm to 3pm (and so on) that you can play both hourly specials and pattern specials!

You’re mainly a weekend only player – then simply click on the Saturday or Sunday tab. You’ll discover that in addition to an extensive supply of both hourly specials and pattern specials, that there are great weekend chat party bonus games at various times as well.

Healthy servings of free bingo as well are there for you to enjoy at the Café!

Not to forget that wealth of MegaBingo Marathon games either – and these are available every single day! You are looking at a £500 minimum prize – sometimes £1,000!